NR_photoBecause it’s about life.

All bees and wasps are beneficial. Viable populations of pollinating insects support a healthy environment, and are the keystone to growing food in a living ecosystem. Balanced wasp populations keep flies and caterpillars from becoming a problem.

I do not kill honey bees or bumble bees, nor do I use any kind of poisons. I have been able to find constructive ways to balance the needs of both people and bees.

Honey bee and bumble bee colonies are moved alive and intact so they can survive into future years. Yellow jackets or wasps that build nests where they conflict with people are removed without poisons or pesticides. Many times I convince concerned homeowners to allow wasps to finish their annual cycle naturally without spending any money at all.

Unwanted honey bee hives are moved to my apiary to supply honey for my family. Bumble bee colonies go to my 5 acre farm to help pollenate my garden and orchard. The yellow jackets and wasps that I remove from people’s homes are fed to my chickens. I even offer live wasp nest relocation.


My name is Nathan

I’m the proud father of 6, with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, 20 years experience as an engineer, and a love for bees and organic farming.

Like many other beekeepers I know, each spring I receive calls from homeowners asking for someone to come and collect a swarm of honey bees clustered on a tree in their yard.  This was a great match for my target of increasing my honey bee colonies with someone else’s fear of stinging insects–everyone wins!  I rescue a new hive of healthy bees, and their insect “problem” is resolved for free.

During my first year rescuing honey bee swarms, my phone kept ringing into July and August, but they were mostly about yellow jacket nests.  After explaining that wasps don’t make honey, they would ask me what I would charge to take away their nests anyway.  This was the start of my business.

There is a tremendous need for poison-free removals and humane bee relocation services around the Seattle.  You realize the importance of keeping your family, home and environment clean from deadly chemicals.  I can help you eliminate problems from stinging insects.

I and my family thank you for caring for the bees and for your help in making our neighborhoods clean from pesticides.

Nathan Rausch,
Renton, WA