Bee Swarm Hotline: 425 306 5679swarm call

My goal is to build a community of beekeepers who know how to rescue honey bee swarms. Come along with me to collect swarms around SE King County near Seattle.  I’ll show you what I do, and talk about how to bring the bees home.

Sign up your phone to receive text messages with the location of a swarm in progress
text to: 40404
text: “follow SwarmHelper”
cancel by “unfollow SwarmHelper”

–or Twitter–

–or Facebook–


Tweets announce when I accept swarm calls, their locations and my estimated arrival time.  In your Twitter “following” account settings, I recommend setting “Turn Mobile Notifications On” when following “SwarmHelper”, so you will receive swarm notifications promptly.  There should be 2 tweets for each swarm.  #1: location and ETA.  #2: Photo of the swarm.

This swarm was too close to the ground to shake into a box

This swarm was too close to the ground to shake into a box

Speed is crucial because the swarm may leave at any time.  My goal is to be on site within 1 hour of the call, so I recommend directing notifications to your mobile phone.  A collection usually takes 45 minutes to complete after I arrive, but most of the “fun part” happens in the first 10 minutes.

Everyone is welcome to come–I often carry a spare bee suit with me if you need one.

Audience: beekeepers, prospective beekeepers, homeschoolers, educators, students and anyone who wants to see a honey bee swarm in person.

Seasonal: April 1st – July 15th